Apple to make famous Battersea Power Station its London HQ

Global technology colossus Apple on Wednesday announced plans to create a London headquarters in the iconic and long-abandoned Battersea Power Station on the banks of the River Thames.

6 hours ago from

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SpaceX chief envisions 1,000 passenger ships flying to Mars

On a personal quest to settle Mars, SpaceX founder Elon Musk envisions 1,000 passenger ships flying en masse to the red planet well within the next century, "Battlestar Galactica" style.

14 hours ago from

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The UN plans to launch its first space mission five years from now

The United Nations will launch its first-ever space mission aboard Sierra Nevada Corporation’s Dream Chaser spaceplane in 2021. The news was announced yesterday at the International ...

10 minutes ago from The Verge

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Nasa announcement of water plumes spotted on Europa could give humanity its best chance yet to see aliens

The plumes of water are our best chance yet of meeting our neighbours in our solar system – if they are out there

Tue 27 Sep 16 from The Independent

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Elon Musk's Ambitious Solar System Colonization Plans

At the International Astronautical Congress 2016, SpaceX founder Elon Musk outlined his ambitious plan for making humanity a multi-planet civilization. And as expected, his plan starts at Mars. "If ...

22 hours ago from Discover Magazine

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Asia's poor choking on filthy air

Polluted air is a "public health emergency", the World Health Organization said Tuesday, adding nine out of 10 people globally breathe bad air that is blamed for more than six million deaths ...

Tue 27 Sep 16 from

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Elon Musk's Mars mission just the beginning of making humanity into an 'multi-planetary species', billionaire says

Mr Musk hopes to get humans on Mars in six years. But from there we might be going to lots of other places

13 hours ago from The Independent

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Study of North Atlantic Ocean reveals decline of leaded petrol emissions

A new study of lead pollution in the North Atlantic provides strong evidence that leaded petrol emissions have declined over the past few decades.

5 hours ago from

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SpaceX plans to send people to Mars using its Interplanetary Transport System

SpaceX on Tuesday shared with the world its ambitious plan to send humans to another planet for the first time in history.

Tue 27 Sep 16 from Techspot

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Grass food crops facing climate change challenge

Projected climate change is set to happen too quickly for grass species, including major food crops, to adapt to the new conditions, a study suggests.

9 hours ago from BBC News

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