Spacecraft closing in on Pluto hits speed bump, but recovers

NASA's New Horizons spacecraft is on track to sweep past Pluto next week despite hitting a "speed bump" that temporarily halted science collection.

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In a cosmic 'call to arms,' astronomer proposes new deep-space telescope to scan the sky for signs of life

Astronomers usually spend their time contemplating the heavens above. But one group of dedicated stargazers has challenged the community to look instead to the future, envisioning the tools ...

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Philae's comet may host alien 'life': astronomers

Astronomers proposed a novel explanation Monday for the strange appearance of the comet carrying Europe's robot probe Philae through outer space: alien microscopic life.

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A giant Pac-Man to gobble up space debris

The Clean Space One Project has passed a milestone. The space cleanup satellite will deploy a conical net to capture the small SwissCube satellite before destroying it in the atmosphere. It's ...

Mon 6 Jul 15 from

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Universe's hidden supermassive black holes revealed

Astronomers have found evidence for a large population of hidden supermassive black holes in the Universe.

Mon 6 Jul 15 from

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NASA selects leading-edge technology concepts for continued study

NASA has selected seven technology proposals for continued study under Phase II of the agency's Innovative Advanced Concepts (NIAC) Program. The selections are based on the potential to transform ...

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Star Trek Communicator For Your Smartphone Is Just Perfect

Star Trek fans will immediately recognize the iconic sci-fi show’s Communicator which has up till now only been a prop on a TV show, but it’s going to serve a real purpose very soon. ...

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Musk Says Falcon 9 Explosion Is A 'Huge Blow To SpaceX'

All eyes were on SpaceX last week as it’s routine ISS resupply mission was launched, many were interested to see whether the company would succeed in its third try to land the rocket on ...

1 hours ago from Ubergizmo

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Is Mars Humid Enough to Support Life?

The moisture in the atmosphere of Mars could be particularly conducive to life if the water condenses out to form short-term puddles in the early morning hours.

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Biogas to biomethane upgrading by water absorption column at low pressure and temperature

Compared to other processes the innovation lies in the operating conditions. Instead of enhancing the solubility of carbon dioxide working with a pressurized system, low absorption temperature ...

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