Russia loses control of satellite full of geckos

Russian scientists have lost contact with an experimental satellite filled with geckos that was to be the focus of new research on animal sex in zero-gravity.

3 hours ago from The Independent

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NASA seeks proposals for commercial Mars data relay satellites

NASA has issued a Request for Information (RFI) to investigate the possibility of using commercial Mars-orbiting satellites to provide telecommunications capabilities for future robotic missions ...

47 minutes ago from

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'Hot Jupiter' measurements throw water on theory

Dry atmospheres of three exoplanets challenge ideas of how planets form.

16 hours ago from Nature News

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'Shocking' underground water loss in US drought

A major drought across the western United States has sapped underground water resources, posing a greater threat to the water supply than previously understood, scientists said Thursday.

16 hours ago from

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The Search for Extraterrestrial Air Pollution

Alien factories could be a sign of life outside our solar system

15 hours ago from TIME

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Wildlife loss link to child slavery

New research suggests that the global reduction in wildlife is connected to an increase in human trafficking and child slavery.

11 hours ago from BBC News

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Halo: Nightfall Trailer Revealed

Want to get an early peek at the very first trailer for “Halo: Nightfall"? Well, you do not need to fiddle around with your thumbs any longer, since the folks over at Microsoft ...

6 hours ago from Ubergizmo

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Earth survived near-miss from 2012 solar storm: NASA

Back in 2012, the Sun erupted with a powerful solar storm that just missed the Earth but was big enough to "knock modern civilization back to the 18th century," NASA said.

5 hours ago from

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Blue whales being struck by ships

Fatal encounters may explain why species hasn't recovered

Wed 23 Jul 14 from Science Now

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Icy moon explorer gets an Alaska road test

Camped on a glacier, Lisa Grossman meets a robot that could pierce the ice of Jupiter's moon Europa and check its hidden ocean for signs of life

16 hours ago from Newscientist

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