Trump approves Keystone XL pipeline, hails 'great day' for jobs

True to his pledge, President Donald Trump gave final approval on Friday for TransCanada to build the controversial Keystone XL oil pipeline, overriding environmental concerns in favor of boosting ...

Fri 24 Mar 17 from

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Stray supermassive black hole flung away by gravitational waves

The Hubble Space Telescope has spotted a one-billion solar mass black hole fleeing its galaxy, showing supermassive black holes can probably merge

Fri 24 Mar 17 from Newscientist

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Cloud spotters help 'wave-like' formation secure official recognition

A new cloud formation first spotted by citizen scientists and verified by University of Reading weather experts is set to join the official register of cloud types.

Thu 23 Mar 17 from

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Astronomers identify purest, most massive brown dwarf

An international team of astronomers has identified a record breaking brown dwarf (a star too small for nuclear fusion) with the 'purest' composition and the highest mass yet known. The object, ...

Fri 24 Mar 17 from

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Extreme space weather: Protecting our critical infrastructure

Extreme space weather has a global footprint and the potential to damage critical infrastructure on the ground and in space. A new report from the European Commission's Joint Research Centre ...

Fri 24 Mar 17 from

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First deep-sea mining operation scheduled to start in 2019 here are the bots that will do it

Whether you agree to the idea or not, the bots sure are awesome.

Fri 24 Mar 17 from ZME Science

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ESA turns to soil to keep lunar missions warm at night

ESA is developing a new heating system to help future missions to the Moon survive the freezing, fortnight-long lunar night. Currently, landers and rovers rely on nuclear or electric ...

20 hours ago from Gizmag

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Spacewalk a success for French, US astronauts

A French and an American astronaut floated outside the International Space Station Friday on a successful spacewalk to upgrade the orbiting outpost for the arrival of future space crews.

Fri 24 Mar 17 from

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Harvard Scientists Moving Ahead on Plans for Atmospheric Geoengineering Experiments

The climate researchers intend to launch a high-altitude balloon that would spray a small amount of reflective particles in the stratosphere.

Fri 24 Mar 17 from MIT Technology Review

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A killer alien inspired by slime, and more science of 'Life' - CNET

Genetics expert Adam Rutherford reveals how he conceived the science of "Life" and "Ex Machina", and why alien life could be the most significant discovery in human history.

Fri 24 Mar 17 from CNET Cutting Edge

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