Amazon, Google, other tech employees protest in support of climate action

Tech workers walked out Friday to demand better environmentalism from their employers, joining millions of expected protesters around the world.

6 hours ago from The Washington Post

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Area 51 raid – live updates: Alien hunters arrive near base amid official warnings and fears of 'humanitarian disaster'

Alien-hunters are arriving near Area 51 after a viral craze that saw them commit to storm the mysterious US military base.

15 hours ago from The Independent

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From Australia to Europe, climate protesters hit the streets

Hundreds of thousands of protesters in Australia, many of them children who skipped school, kicked off a day of demonstrations around the world against climate change in the run-up to a U.N. ...

15 hours ago from

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New study suggests gigantic masses in Earth's mantle untouched for more than 4 billion years

Ancient, distinct, continent-sized regions of rocks, isolated since before the collision that created the Moon 4.5 billion years ago, exist hundreds of miles below the Earth's crust, offering ...

Thu 19 Sep 19 from

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NASA Spots Lost ‘Spanish Stonehenge’ From Space After Drought Reveals Structure

NASA's Landsat 8 acquired images of an area where Dolmen de Guadalperal, an ancient Spanish monument that was underwater for nearly 50 years, reportedly has reemerged ...

11 hours ago from

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Investments to address climate change are good business

An internationally respected group of scientists have urgently called on world leaders to accelerate efforts to tackle climate change. Almost every aspect of the planet's environment and ecology ...

Thu 19 Sep 19 from

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Two Asteroids Collided in Deep Space, Sparking an Ancient Ice Age

This artist's concept captures the catastrophic collision that destroyed the parent body, which was bigger than any known asteroid break-up in the past 3 billion years. (Credit: Don Davis/Southwest ...

Wed 18 Sep 19 from Discover Magazine

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In media coverage of climate change, where are the facts?

The New York Times makes a concerted effort to drive home the point that climate change is real, but it does a poor job of presenting the basic facts about climate change that could convince ...

Thu 19 Sep 19 from

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Global warming simulations: Parts of U.K. and northern Europe to see more compound flooding

A team of researchers from across Europe has found via simulations that parts of the U.K. and northern Europe are likely to see more compound flooding events in the next century due to global ...

Thu 19 Sep 19 from

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‘Smallville’s’ Tom Welling Adds Another Superman to ‘Arrowverse’ Crisis

Maybe I should start watching the Arrowverse. Plenty of people I trust, including writers for this very website, have had nothing but good things to say about DC’ ...

Thu 19 Sep 19 from

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