Astronomers Discover an Ancient Solar System That's Very Similar to Our Own

Kepler-444 could help pinpoint when planets started to form

8 hours ago from TIME

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This Exoplanet's Ring System Puts Saturn to Shame

A newly discovered planet makes Saturn's famed ring collection look downright tiny by comparison. Astronomers from the Leiden Observatory in Netherlands discovered a planet encircled by a ring ...

22 hours ago from Discover Magazine

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This is what lightning looks like from space

The European Space Agency (ESA) has released captivating video showing lightning taking place on Earth, as viewed from 250 miles above.

5 hours ago from The Independent

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NASA's new soil moisture satellite could improve forecasts

SMAP mission expected to aid weather, drought, and flood models

17 hours ago from Science Now

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Ballooning offers platform for performing research in a space-like environment

New discoveries are being made on an annual basis by researchers flying their instruments on a high-altitude balloon platform. Ease of access to ballooning, relatively low cost and the potential ...

2 hours ago from

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VLT image: The mouth of the beast

Like the gaping mouth of a gigantic celestial creature, the cometary globule CG4 glows menacingly in this new image from ESO's Very Large Telescope. Although it appears to be big and bright ...

7 hours ago from

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The two faces of Mars

A moon-sized celestial object that crashed into the south pole: ETH researchers use a simulation to demonstrate why Mars consists of two notably different hemispheres.

52 minutes ago from

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Animation Shows How SpaceX Will Reuse Its Rockets [Video]

These days, space enthusiasts are keeping a watchful eye on SpaceX as it strives for a potentially revolutionary goal. The private spaceflight company is trying to figure…

2 hours ago from Popular Science

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Scientists study surface composition of asteroid 2004 BL86 during close flyby of Earth

Planetary Science Institute researchers Vishnu Reddy and Driss Takir studied the surface composition of near-Earth asteroid 2004 BL86 during its close flyby of Earth earlier this week.

4 hours ago from

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Nordic marine scientists push for way forward

In a commentary released in Nature Climate Change, a group of 13 scientists argue that the Nordic countries are in a unique position to showcase how to handle the growing pressure on the oceans. ...

52 minutes ago from

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