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'Iceball' planet discovered through microlensing

Scientists have discovered a new planet with the mass of Earth, orbiting its star at the same distance that we orbit our sun. The planet is likely far too cold to be habitable for life as we ...

Wed 26 Apr 17 from

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Researcher uses math to investigate possibility of time travel

After some serious number crunching, a UBC researcher has come up with a mathematical model for a viable time machine.

17 hours ago from

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The 5 steps of a solar eruption

A new theory may explain all the Sun’s eruptions, large and small.

Thu 27 Apr 17 from Cosmos Magazine

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Astronomers made first measurements of small-scale ripples in primeval hydrogen gas using rare double quasars

The most barren regions known are the far-flung corners of intergalactic space. In these vast expanses between the galaxies there is just one solitary atom per cubic meter—a diffuse haze of ...

14 hours ago from

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Recently discovered solar system could seed life between adjacent exoplanets

After NASA announced in February the discovery of a solar system with seven planets—three of which were deemed potentially habitable—UChicago postdoctoral scholar Sebastiaan Krijt began wondering: ...

21 hours ago from

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Animals actively choose to match their surroundings to avoid predation

Animals can match their background to avoid detection by predators. For instance, numerous species have evolved color patterns that help them blend into their surroundings and avoid predators—a ...

17 hours ago from

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Summer 2019 will be a showdown for Hollywood's biggest franchises

Yesterday, Disney announced that it was shuffling its release schedule to move Star Wars: Episode IX — the last film in the main “sequel trilogy” — from December 2019 up to May 24th, ...

Wed 26 Apr 17 from The Verge

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Competing claims over cause of cosmic cold spot

Voids are discounted as the source but some scientists disagree

Wed 26 Apr 17 from Physics World

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Pilot captures timelapse of night flight from Europe to SA

A ‘FlightLapse’ reveals the night sky from a pilot’s perspective. While traveling from Europe to South America, Sales Wick captured brightly lit cities and the glittering Milky Way. ...

22 hours ago from Daily Mail

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Jupiter and the theory of relativity blamed for course changes of celestial bodies

In the case of solar system bodies passing close to the sun, there are two important effects playing a crucial role in the orbital evolution. One of the effects is from the general relativity ...

23 hours ago from

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