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If humanity had to move the Earth, could we do it?

Shifting the planet into a different orbit is possible at least in theory. Space systems engineer Matteo Ceriotti explains.

17 hours ago from Cosmos Magazine

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New Horizons Reveals Ultima Thule's Quiet, Lonesome Past

After New Horizons streaked past Pluto in 2015, its main task was over, but it still had work to do. On New Year’s Day of 2019, it made a flyby of another, even more distant object named 2014 ...

Thu 16 May 19 from Discover Magazine

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HBO's His Dark Materials TV series: Full trailer, release date, cast, plot and more - CNET

A new trailer for the HBO and BBC co-production has sailed ashore just in time for the ending of other fantasy epic Game of Thrones.

7 hours ago from CNET Cutting Edge

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Hubble Spies a Galaxy Deformed and Rejuvenated by a Near Collision

A cosmic hit-and-run some 30 million light-years away has left one galaxy with an identity crisis. For billions of years, the now-irregular NGC 4485 lived a nice and normal life as a standard ...

Fri 17 May 19 from Discover Magazine

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CosmoGAN: Training a neural network to study dark matter

As cosmologists and astrophysicists delve deeper into the darkest recesses of the universe, their need for increasingly powerful observational and computational tools has expanded exponentially. ...

Thu 16 May 19 from

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'The Big Bang Theory' finale: Sheldon and Amy's fictional physics parallels real science

After 12 successful seasons, "The Big Bang Theory" has finally come to a fulfilling end, concluding its reign as the longest running multicamera sitcom on TV.

Fri 17 May 19 from

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NASA's TESS planet hunter spots super-Earths around star that's visible to naked eye - CNET

It's doing a bang-up job spotting worlds that will be easier to study than ever before.

Wed 15 May 19 from CNET

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Black Mirror season 5: Trailer, release date, Miley Cyrus and everything else you need to know - CNET

Black Mirror loves to push boundaries, and the dark anthology show has recruited Miley Cyrus to help out with that.

Wed 15 May 19 from CNET Cutting Edge

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*Something* is blasting “cosmic bullet holes” through our galaxy

Clumps of dark matter might be shooting through the Milky Way's stars.

Thu 16 May 19 from ZME Science

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Maunakea observatories shed new light on obscured infant solar system

Astronomers using the combined power of two Hawaii telescopes have taken groundbreaking, sharp new images of a distant planetary system that likely resembles a baby version of our solar system.

Wed 15 May 19 from

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