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Two Asteroids Collided in Deep Space, Sparking an Ancient Ice Age

This artist's concept captures the catastrophic collision that destroyed the parent body, which was bigger than any known asteroid break-up in the past 3 billion years. (Credit: Don Davis/Southwest ...

Wed 18 Sep 19 from Discover Magazine

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‘Smallville’s’ Tom Welling Adds Another Superman to ‘Arrowverse’ Crisis

Maybe I should start watching the Arrowverse. Plenty of people I trust, including writers for this very website, have had nothing but good things to say about DC’ ...

Thu 19 Sep 19 from

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Researchers develop unified sensor to better control effects of shock waves

As a fighter jet quickly ascends and accelerates forward, a sonic boom reverberates across the jet's surface and through the surrounding sound waves. At best, it's unpleasant noise pollution. ...

Thu 19 Sep 19 from

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Study captures six galaxies undergoing sudden, dramatic transitions

Galaxies come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and brightnesses, ranging from humdrum ordinary galaxies to luminous active galaxies. While an ordinary galaxy is visible mainly because of the ...

Wed 18 Sep 19 from

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Pulsating gamma rays from neutron star rotating 707 times a second

An international research team led by the Max Planck Institute for Gravitational Physics (Albert Einstein Institute; AEI) in Hannover has discovered that the radio pulsar J0952-0607 also emits ...

Thu 19 Sep 19 from

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Hubble Spots a Dim, Dark Matter-Rich Galaxy

(Credit: ESA/Hubble & NASA, D. Calzetti) Some 30 million light-years from Earth, a faint monster lurks in the constellation Cetus the Whale. Astronomers dub the object UGC 695, and astronomers ...

Thu 19 Sep 19 from Discover Magazine

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That old question about the age of Saturn’s rings

New study suggests dust may be hiding their age.

Tue 17 Sep 19 from Cosmos Magazine

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Stony-iron meteor caused August impact flash at Jupiter

Analysis of a bright flash in Jupiter's atmosphere observed by an amateur astronomer in August 2019 has revealed that the likely cause was a small asteroid with a density typical of stony-iron ...

Tue 17 Sep 19 from

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Research reveals vital clues about recycling in the evolution of life in our universe

New research by Kent astrophysicists reveals vital clues about the role recycling plays in the formation of life in our universe.

Tue 17 Sep 19 from

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Radio waves from electric devices may affect the body clock of insects

Radio frequency fields appear to have an effect on cockroaches. If confirmed, the finding could mean that radio waves affect us too - but scientists are sceptical

Wed 18 Sep 19 from Newscientist

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