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Cosmic fireball sheds light on source of gravitational waves

Colliding neutron stars have confirmed theories about gamma-ray bursts and the origin of gold and other heavy elements in the universe. Michael Lucy reports.

10 hours ago from Cosmos Magazine

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Neutron star crash: 'The gift that will keep on giving'

The astrophysics world is abuzz after the first-ever observation of two neutron stars merging in a cataclysmic crash that left a rich trail of debris for scientists to comb through.

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Dawn of an Era: Astronomers Hear and See Cosmic Collision

For hundreds of millions of years, two city-sized stars in a galaxy not-so-far away circled each other in a fatal dance. Their dimensions were diminutive, but each outweighed our sun. They ...

5 hours ago from Discover Magazine

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Marvel’s full ‘Black Panther’ trailer shows a ruthless hero-king

Marvel dropped a teaser for its upcoming Black Panther film during the NBA Finals back in June, and our first look at the hero-king was glorious. Chadwick Boseman is electric and imposing ...

1 hours ago from Engadget

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'Star Trek: Discovery' Mudd-ies Up Tardigrade Science

"Star Trek: Discovery" is already breaking new ground. This episode includes what might be the series' first f-bomb, a scene between two gay characters and gritty depictions of torture.

2 hours ago from

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A Groundbreaking Astronomy Discovery Gave Scientists Their Best Look Ever at How Gold Was Created

"There are many, many extraordinary discoveries within the discovery"

9 hours ago from TIME

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Gold origin confirmed with first ever gravitational wave sighting

Gold's origin in the Universe has finally been confirmed, after a gravitational wave source was seen and heard for the first time ever by an international collaboration of researchers, with ...

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Two neutron stars, colliding 11 billion years ago, produced gravitational waves and visible light, which were detected this summer by observatories around the world and in space.

Credit: Mark Garlick/Science Photo Library via Getty ImagesScientists with the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory (LIGO) Collaboration announced another detection ...

6 hours ago from Discovery News

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A tech-destroying solar flare could hit Earth within 100 years

If the sun spews “superflares” as often as other stars, one could take down power systems, damage the ozone layer and destroy satellites in the next century

13 hours ago from Newscientist

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2 Neutron Stars Collided, So Are They a Black Hole Now?

Scientists detected gravitational waves from merging neutron stars. What have they become now?

22 minutes ago from

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