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How long is a Saturnian day? Now we know

Reset your interplanetary watches because data from NASA's Cassini probe has finally answered the question of how long a day on Saturn is. Using the planet's giant rings as a natural ...

15 hours ago from Gizmag

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Leaked image shows off three variants for the Samsung Galaxy S10 lineup

Samsung will hold its next Unpacked event next month, where it’s expected to show off a “fully functional” version of its foldable phone, along with the next iteration of its Galaxy ...

21 hours ago from The Verge

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A clearer picture of how massive stars die

An international study has revealed why some hypernovae do not emit GRBs. Nick Carne reports.

5 hours ago from Cosmos Magazine

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Hawaii Officials Investigate Video of Man Standing on Whale Carcass

Hawaii state and federal law enforcement authorities are investigating a video of a man seen standing on top of the carcass of a whale off the south shore of O’ahu. The carcass, first ...

Fri 18 Jan 19 from

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Call to correct Gulliver’s Travels food estimates

Researcher finds famous satirist made mistakes on Lilliputian physiology. Andrew Masterson reports.

Tue 15 Jan 19 from Cosmos Magazine

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Comprehensive model captures entire life cycle of solar flares

A team of scientists has, for the first time, used a single, cohesive computer model to simulate the entire life cycle of a solar flare: from the buildup of energy thousands of kilometers below ...

Tue 15 Jan 19 from

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EA Says They Are ‘Fully Committed’ To Making Star Wars Games

Recently there was a report about how EA had apparently cancelled an open world Star Wars game that was in development. Following the controversy of Star Wars: Battlefront 2’s loot boxes, we’re ...

Thu 17 Jan 19 from Ubergizmo

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Star Trek: Discovery season 2 starts off faster and funnier - CNET

Action, wit and color are the latest additions to the crew as Discovery returns to CBS All Access and Netflix.

22 hours ago from CNET

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The Day Edwin Hubble Realized Our Universe Was Expanding

It's the 90th anniversary of Edwin Hubble's discovery.

Thu 17 Jan 19 from

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Huge spinning ice disc in river provides a carousel for ducks

Residents of Westbrook in Maine discovered an enormous circle of ice slowly spinning in the Presumpscot river running through their town

Wed 16 Jan 19 from Newscientist

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