Massive superflares have been seen erupting from stars like the sun

A power superflare fries an exoplanet in the star's system. (Credit: NASA, ESA and D. Player) Astronomers have learned over the past decade that even large solar flares — powerful bursts of radiation — from our Sun are actually small potatoes compared to some of the flares we see around other stars. It’s now common to spot “superflares” hundreds to thousands of times more powerful than the Sun’s flares from stars hundreds of light-years away. Earlier this year, researchers even identified a

Massive superflares have been seen erupting from stars like the sun

Older stars, like the sun, can still send out massive bursts of energy that can be seen from light-years away.

Fri 14 Jun 19 from ScienceNews

Study raises concern for sun ‘superflare’

Wed 12 Jun 19 from Cosmos Magazine

Rare 'superflares' could one day threaten Earth

Astronomers probing the edges of the Milky Way have in recent years observed some of the most brilliant pyrotechnic displays in the galaxy: superflares.

Tue 11 Jun 19 from

The Sun Can Spawn Dangerous ‘Superflares,’ New Research Suggests

High-energy superflares are typically associated with young, quickly rotating stars, but new evidence suggests mature, plodding stars like our own can still churn out the odd superflare. Read ...

Thu 13 Jun 19 from Gizmodo

Sun could unleash violent 'superflare' in the next century, researchers warn

Earth's aging sun could produce a massive superflare in the coming century.

Wed 12 Jun 19 from FOXNews

Sun Could Unleash a 'Superflare' Hundreds of Thousands of Times More Powerful Than Any Known Flare

A powerful superflare could disrupt electronics across the globe, causing widespread blackouts.

Wed 12 Jun 19 from Livescience

'Superflares' of energy emitted by stars could disrupt communications and cause dangerous blackouts

Yuta Notsu and colleagues from Japan, the US and the Netherlands studied superflares from 43 Sun-like stars using the Gaia spacecraft and New Mexico's Apache Point Observatory.

Tue 11 Jun 19 from Daily Mail

Powerful superflares could pose a threat to Earth

Young and active stars often experience wildly strong eruptions. Now we know our older, calmer Sun may occasionally throw similar tantrums.

Tue 11 Jun 19 from


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