How fast is the universe expanding? The mystery endures

Scientists have known for decades that the universe is expanding, but research in the past few years has shaken up calculations on the speed of growth—raising tricky questions about theories of the cosmos.

The Universe Could Be 2 Billion Years Younger Than Previously Estimated, According to New Calculation

The generally accepted age of the universe is 13.7 billion years

Thu 12 Sep 19 from TIME

Study finds the universe might be 2 billion years younger

The universe is looking younger every day, it seems.

Thu 12 Sep 19 from

Einstein's Gravitational Lenses Could Clear Up Roiling Debate on Expanding Cosmos

Warps in the fabric of space-time can act like magnifying glasses, and that may help solve a cosmic mystery about the rate of the universe's expansion, a new study found.

Thu 12 Sep 19 from

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