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Scientists Warn Of Severe Flooding In 25 States

(AP Photo/David J. Phillip) Federal scientists have warned this week that 25 states are at the risk of “major or moderate” flooding in the next few weeks. The warning is part of ...

12 hours ago from Ubergizmo

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Jordan Peele’s Us should cement his status as a master of modern horror

Peele wrote, produced, directed this film about a family confronting evil doppelgängers.

Fri 22 Mar 19 from Arstechnica

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Claim: Climate changes make some aspects of weather forecasting increasingly difficult

Stockholm University The ongoing climate changes make it increasingly difficult to predict certain aspects of weather, according to a new study from Stockholm University. The study, focusing ...

11 hours ago from Watts Up With That?

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Tall ice-cliffs may trigger big calving events—and fast sea-level rise

Glaciers that drain ice sheets such as Antarctica or Greenland often flow into the ocean, ending in near-vertical cliffs. As the glacier flows into the sea, chunks of the ice break off in calving ...

Fri 22 Mar 19 from

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Disease fears mount for Africa cyclone survivors

Disease is threatening to aggravate the already dire conditions facing millions of survivors following the powerful tropical cyclone which ravaged southern Africa 10 days ago, officials warned ...

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Europe’s First ‘Underwater’ Restaurant Lets You Dine in the Deep

At the southernmost tip of Norway’s coast, Europe’s first “underwater” restaurant has finally opened, except, it’s not your typical dining hub. You can enjoy a ...

Fri 22 Mar 19 from

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Scientists argue for more comprehensive studies of Cascade volcanoes

The string of volcanoes in the Cascades Arc, ranging from California's Mt. Lassen in the south to Washington's Mt. Baker in the north, have been studied by geologists and volcanologists for ...

Fri 22 Mar 19 from

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A first glimpse deep beneath an ultraslow-spreading mid-ocean ridge

For the first time ever, researchers have been able to peek deep into the mantle of the Earth under an ultraslow mid-ocean ridge, where they have been able to observe mantle melting and growth ...

Fri 22 Mar 19 from

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Mount Everest: Melting glaciers expose dead bodies

The remains of mountaineers who died on the world's highest peak are being exposed as its ice melts.

Wed 20 Mar 19 from BBC News

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Alpine tundra releases long-frozen CO2 to the atmosphere, exacerbating climate warming

Thawing permafrost in high-altitude mountain ecosystems may be a stealthy, underexplored contributor to atmospheric carbon dioxide emissions, new University of Colorado Boulder research shows.

Thu 21 Mar 19 from

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