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Harvey runoff menaces Texas' coral reefs

The more than 13 trillion gallons of floodwater from Hurricane Harvey have created a massive plume of freshwater in the Gulf of Mexico that is threatening the coral reefs of the Flower Garden ...

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Ocean atmosphere rife with microbes

Microbes are dispersed widely over the oceans with islands acting as stepping-stones to help transport of land-based organisms.

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NASA finds newly formed tropical storm lan over open waters

NASA-NOAA's Suomi NPP satellite provided a visible picture of newly formed Tropical Storm Lan in the Northwestern Pacific Ocean.

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Scientists log newfound understanding of water's responses to changing temperatures

A team of chemists has uncovered new ways in which frozen water responds to changes in temperature to produce novel formations. Its findings have implications for climate research as well as ...

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NASA sees Tropical Depression Khanun sissipating in Gulf of Tonkin

NASA's Terra satellite passed over Tropical Storm Khanun after it had passed over southern China and began dissipating in the Gulf of Tonkin.

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NASA sees Hurricane Ophelia lashing Ireland

NASA-NOAA's Suomi NPP satellite provided a thermal view of the clouds in hurricane Ophelia as it lashed Ireland. The Global Precipitation Measurement mission core satellite provided a look at ...

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Waves in lakes make waves in the Earth

Beneath the peaceful rolling waves of a lake is a rumble, imperceptible to all but seismometers, that ripples into the earth like the waves ripple along the shore.

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Eye in the sky offers clearest vision of Earth

The world’s latest carbon-monitoring satellite has advanced our understanding of how the planet functions. US politicians should take note.

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Drive for giant new marine sanctuary in Antarctica

Australia and France kick off a fresh push Monday to create a vast marine sanctuary in pristine East Antarctica, hoping to build on the success of landmark deal secured last year at a key annual ...

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Shellfish pump out greenhouse gases

Baltic Sea study implicates invertebrates as big emitters. Andrew Masterson reports.

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