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Learning to live in Antarctica

Tagging study reveals Emperor penguins’ first encounters with sea ice. Nick Carne reports.

4 hours ago from Cosmos Magazine

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We've dug up tiny animals from beneath a frozen Antarctic lake

The discovery of preserved carcasses of tiny crustaceans and tardigrades beneath Lake Mercer suggests biologically complex life may survive deep beneath the ice

Fri 18 Jan 19 from Newscientist

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We've seen methane rain gleaming on the icy plains of Titan

Images from the Cassini spacecraft have revealed the rainy season near the north pole of Saturn's moon Titan - and it's pretty weird

Thu 17 Jan 19 from Newscientist

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Australia swelters in record temperatures with warmest ever night

Noona in New South Wales recorded Australia's warmest ever night with temperatures remaining above 35.9°C on 17 January

Fri 18 Jan 19 from Newscientist

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Earth's Tilt May Exacerbate a Melting Antarctic

As sea ice melts, Antarctica may get more sensitive to astronomical cycles.

3 hours ago from

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Quakes a reminder of the reach of partial government shutdown

If the partial shutdown of the U.S. government, doesn't have you quaking, maybe it should.

Fri 18 Jan 19 from

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Global change could also affect hake fisheries in Tierra del Fuego

A scientific study published in the journal Global Change Biology suggests snoek (Thyrsites atun) can recolonize the marine area of the Beagle Channel and South-Western Atlantic waters, an area ...

Fri 18 Jan 19 from

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Researchers using data-driven approach to make earthquakes less damaging

The 1994 Northridge earthquake was one of the costliest natural disasters in U.S. history. Fifty-seven people died, more than 8,700 were injured, and property damages amounted to billions of ...

Thu 17 Jan 19 from

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Preparing for extreme weather

From high winds and heavy rainfall to droughts and plummeting temperatures, people in Europe have already begun to feel the effects of extreme weather. As we get used to this new reality, scientists ...

Thu 17 Jan 19 from

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Record-breaking ocean temperatures point to trends of global warming

An international team released 2018 ocean heat content observations in Advances in Atmospheric Sciences on January 16, 2019. The newly available observations show that the year 2018 is the hottest ...

Wed 16 Jan 19 from

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