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Daily briefing: Samoa imposes compulsory immunization to halt deadly measles epidemic

Nature, Published online: 18 November 2019; doi:10.1038/d41586-019-03559-4A state of emergency in Samoa, the first global map of Titan and how to use less plastic in the lab.

16 hours ago from Nature News

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Astronomers Catch Water Erupting from Plumes on Jupiter's Icy Moon Europa

Subsurface water on Jupiter's moon Europa is one place where humans plan to search for life. This artist's concept shows a massive plume of underground water erupting from the moon's surface. ...

21 hours ago from Discover Magazine

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SpaceX's Starship May Start Flying Moon Missions in 2022

SpaceX's huge Mars-colonizing Starship vehicle could make its first extraterrestrial touchdown just three short years from now.

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How LISA pathfinder detected dozens of 'comet crumbs'

LISA Pathfinder, a mission led by ESA (the European Space Agency) that included NASA contributions, successfully demonstrated technologies needed to build a future space-based gravitational ...

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Hibernating astronauts would need smaller spacecraft

If a sci-fi spaceship does not come with hyperdrive then it is usually fitted with hibernation capsules instead. In movies from 2001: A Space Odyssey to Event Horizon, Alien to Passengers, fictional ...

24 hours ago from

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Nanoracks just booked a SpaceX launch to demo tech that turns used spacecraft into orbital habitats

SpaceX is going to launch a payload for client Nanoracks aboard one of its new rideshare missions, currently targeting late 2020, that will demonstrate a very ambitious piece of tech from the ...

18 hours ago from TechCrunch

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Mars scientists investigate ancient life in Australia

As any geologist worth his or her salt will tell you, there are rocks, and then there are rocks. Next July, NASA and the European Space Agency (ESA) are launching rovers to Mars that will search ...

24 hours ago from

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Low gravity in space made some astronauts’ blood flow backwards

Spending time in microgravity can reverse the flow of a person’s blood and lead to clots, as seen in astronauts who spent months on the International Space Station

Mon 18 Nov 19 from Newscientist

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