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We're one step closer to getting cheaper, faster Internet from space

OneWeb just became the first to get approval to build satellite Internet for the U.S.

Thu 22 Jun 17 from The Washington Post

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SpaceX Set for Second Falcon 9 Launch in Three Days

One day after putting Bulgaria's first communications satellite into orbit, SpaceX is preparing for a Falcon 9 launch from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California on Sunday (June 25).

6 hours ago from

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NASA image shows area experts say may have been a lake

A new image captured just before Opportunity's survey kicked off shows a landscape that looks almost like a beach here on Earth, and scientists suspect water may have played a role. ...

20 hours ago from Daily Mail

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A.I. will prepare robots for the unknown

How do you get a robot to recognize a surprise?

Thu 22 Jun 17 from TechXplore

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CHESS mission will check out the space between stars

Deep in space between distant stars, space is not empty. Instead, there drifts vast clouds of neutral atoms and molecules, as well as charged plasma particles called the interstellar medium—that ...

Fri 23 Jun 17 from

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Orbex scouting for space rocket launch site in Scotland

Scotland: the land of mist and mountains long associated with kilts, bagpipes, haggis ... and now space launches. Timed to coincide with the Queen's Speech to Parliament, British startup ...

13 hours ago from Gizmag

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Image: NASA Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter views rover climbing Mount Sharp

Using the most powerful telescope ever sent to Mars, NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter caught a view of the Curiosity rover this month amid rocky mountainside terrain.

Wed 21 Jun 17 from

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Here come the US Space Corps

Star Trek has Starfleet, Star Wars has the Imperial Navy, and Halo has the United Nations Space Command. But for the moment, real-life Earthlings of the United States don’t have a ...

Fri 23 Jun 17 from The Verge

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Stratospheric Balloon Startups Want to Make It Easier to Fly to the Edge of Space

Fast launches and low prices could make giant helium balloons a more practical option for scientists who want to experiment at altitude.

Fri 23 Jun 17 from MIT Technology Review

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“Bio-energy healing stickers” are a scam. Now, debunked by NASA

NASA called "bullshit."

Fri 23 Jun 17 from ZME Science

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