Spaceplane gets a ride for space station trips

SNCís Dream Chaser. | Image: NASA / SNC Private space company Sierra Nevada Corporation announced today that its mini-spaceplane, the Dream Chaser, will launch into orbit on top of the United Launch Allianceís future Vulcan Centaur rocket. The Dream Chaser has yet to see space, but once itís operational, it will help ferry cargo and science experiments to the astronauts on board the International Space Station between 2021 and 2024. The Sierra Nevada Corporation (SNC) is one of three companies tasked by NASA to periodically launch to the ISS to make sure the station is fully stocked with supplies. The cargo missions are all part of NASAís Commercial Resupply Services Program, one of a few initiatives at the space agency thatís meant to offload space transportation to the... Continue reading…

Spaceplane gets a ride for space station trips

Dream Chaser will launch into orbit on the future Vulcan rocket for re-supply flights to the space station.

Wed 14 Aug 19 from BBC News

Sierra Nevada's Dream Chaser Space Plane Could Launch Astronauts One Day

The Dream Chaser space plane continues to eye future crewed trips to the International Space Station, despite the plane's cargo focus.

Thu 15 Aug 19 from

Private Dream Chaser Space Plane Will Ride New Vulcan Rocket for NASA Cargo Launches

The private Dream Chaser space plane has a new ride to the International Space Station.

Wed 14 Aug 19 from

Sierra Nevada chooses ULA's Vulcan to launch space station supply runs

Sierra Nevada Corp, a privately owned defense contractor with spaceflight ambitions, said on Wednesday it picked United Launch Alliance's Vulcan rocket to launch its Dream Chaser space plane ...

Wed 14 Aug 19 from Reuters Technology

SNC selects ULA for Dream Chaser launches

Sparks NV (SPX) Aug 16, 2019 Sierra Nevada Corporation (SNC) has selected United Launch Alliance (ULA) as the launch vehicle provider for the Dream Chaser spacecraft's six NASA missions to ...

Sat 17 Aug 19 from SpaceDaily

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